7 Reasons To Replace Your Floppy Disk Drives With An Nalbantov N-Drive USB Floppy Emulator

Do you have a device that still uses a floppy disk?

It could be at work or at home. With the scarcity of diskettes, you could be having trouble finding them, since they are no longer being manufactured. If this is the case, worry no more. You can now convert your floppy disk drives into USB drives with an Nalbantov N-Drive USB floppy emulator.

The emulator is a piece of hardware that enables you to convert a diskette drive into a USB flash drive. This allows you to switch from using diskettes to using USB sticks instead.

N-Drive for Disklavier

In the 80s, Yamaha introduces the legendary high-tech electro-acoustic piano “Disklavier”.

The early models of Yamaha Disklavier are equipped with floppy disk drives and use 3.5“ double-density floppy disks in Yamaha format – E-SEQ. They do not support read/write Standard MIDI File (SMF).

Later, Yamaha Disklavier starts supporting 3.5“ high density floppy disks with SMF support.


A Beginners Guide To N-Drive Nalbantov USB Floppy Emulator

Have you ever had the USB floppy emulators experience in your musical instruments or industrial equipment? Floppies are devices people have used in many fields, including musical instruments, personal computers, and a huge range of electronic devices. These devices rely on floppy disks to transfer and keep valuable information, and it is difficult to use these devices without the mentioned disks. However, the great challenge is getting these disks that are hard to find nowadays. This is where individuals need to learn about Nalbantov N-Drive USB floppy emulator to improve their musical instruments and other electronic devices.

N-Drive for Roland

This post has nothing to do with valves or tubes but it is how to update your keyboard or midi player that currently has a floppy disk drive ( remember them ?). we have posted the because I am sure their are many folks out there that like to use Midi files  as a way of ” playing with a band” at home.  I try to play guitar and the Midi player keeps me motivated to play. I have a Roland MT120S player which proudly displays its 3.5 inch 1.44M floppy on the front of the case.

It was an expensive gadget 20 years ago and I wanted to update it withe the best solution being a USB stick.

Floppy Disk technology is widely out of date.  It is fragile and mechanical.

Discover The Benefits Of Using The Nalbantov N-Drive USB Floppy Emulator

In many industries and applications, floppy drives are incredibly valuable. If you’ve got any industrial machine or musical devices such as sequencers, samplers, or synthesizers that use floppy drive, you should consider investing in the N-Drive Nalbantov USB floppy emulator. This cutting-edge tool will make saving the amazing sounds and important data you’ve created infinitely easier.

Virtual floppy disk images

Nalbantov N-Drive USB floppy emulator reads/writes on virtual disks the same way as a standard floppy drive reads/writes on floppy disks. The included USB flash drive in the package has virtual disks, each with the size of a floppy disk. You can use these virtual floppy disks to read/write files from your equipment or from your computer. For your convenience, the USB flash drive was already prepared by us. You can easily create as many as you want new and compatible USB flash drives. With the software included you will be able to access the USB flash drive on your computer.

N-Drive for Clavinova

N-Drive USB floppy emulator supports Yamaha Clavinova premium digital pianos. List of supported pianos includes:

Yamaha Clavinova CVP50, CVP55, CVP59, CVP60, CVP65, CVP69, CVP70, CVP75, CVP79, CVP83, CVP85, CVP87, CVP89, CVP92, CVP94, CVP96, CVP98, CVP103, CVP105, CVP107, CVP109, CVP201, CVP202, CVP203, CVP204, CVP205, CVP206, CVP207, CVP208, CVP209, CVP210, CVP600, CVP700, CVP900 / CVP-50, CVP-55, CVP-59, CVP-60, CVP-65, CVP-69, CVP-70, CVP-75, CVP-79, CVP-83,

N-Drive for Ensoniq

N-Drive USB floppy emulator supports Ensoniq’s legendary highly professional music products. This includes all their samplers / synthesizers / sequencers and also Music Workstations that have a floppy drive. N-Drive works great on Ensoniq ASR-10 / R, Ensoniq ASR-88, Ensoniq EPS (also M, 16 plus, rack), Ensoniq Mirage, Ensoniq MR-61, Ensoniq MR-76, Ensoniq ZR-76, Ensoniq SD1, Ensoniq SQ-80, Ensoniq VFX-SD

Floppy Drive Jumper Settings

N-Drive has to be configured depending on the settings of your old floppy drive. There are floppy drives which do not have configured options and in this case it is fully enough to know only the brand and the model of the floppy.

Some floppy drives have configured options. By using these options you can set different signals to the floppy. That way the equipment manufacturer is able to choose how to configure a floppy for the proper purpose. These adjustments are made by moving miniature switches, called jumpers (in some floppies like Sony and Panasonic – using switches). 


When the emulator is connected properly, with the USB flash drive inserted, the emulator should display: 00-99 / 000-999 / DSKA0000-DSKA0099

Incorrectly attached data cable 

One of the most common mistakes is when you try to connect the data cable.

Shifted data cable

The cable can be shifted while connecting. This can be seen in Figures 1 and 2. And Figure 3 shows a properly connected cable.

N-Drive Industrial Floppy Emulator Application Options

Scenario 1 – Programs are made on the Control Unit. A Personal Computer is not used or it is used for backup purpose only.

Scenario 2 – Using a Personal Computer with CAD/CAM/CNC Software to make programs

Scenario 2.a – When the floppy disks are MS-DOS based and they are readable on a PC (the programs are standard files that can be copied)

Scenario 2.a – When the floppy disks are MS-DOS based and they are readable on a PC (the programs are standard files that can be copied)

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