Why old industrial equipment is more reliable than new one

Nowadays, many companies strive to update their industrial equipment with the latest technologies and models, which promise higher performance, lower energy consumption and fewer repairs. But is this always the best solution? In this article we will show you why in many cases old industrial equipment can be more reliable, durable and economical than new one.
Old industrial equipment has its advantages, which should not be overlooked.

Here are some of them:

• Old equipment is made of more reliable and durable materials, which withstand higher loads and wear. This is due to a number of factors. In new equipment, lighter materials are preferred and many more plastic elements are used, at the expense of metal parts. Plastic elements are much more prone to wear, as well as to aging in the harsh industrial environment.

• Old equipment is simpler and easier to maintain and repair. New equipment often requires specialized services, expensive spare parts and complex diagnostics. Old equipment can be fixed by local craftsmen or even independently with minimal costs and time.

• Old equipment is cheaper and more accessible. New equipment requires a large investment, which is not always profitable. Old equipment can be purchased at auctions, online platforms or from bankrupt companies at much lower prices.

• Old equipment has proven reliability and quality. New equipment may have teething problems, hidden defects or incompatibility with other devices. Old equipment has gone through years of operation and testing, which guarantees its functionality and safety.

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