N-Drive for Clavinova

N-Drive USB floppy emulator supports Yamaha Clavinova premium digital pianos. List of supported pianos includes:


Yamaha Clavinova CVP50, CVP55, CVP59, CVP60, CVP65, CVP69, CVP70, CVP75, CVP79, CVP83, CVP85, CVP87, CVP89, CVP92, CVP94, CVP96, CVP98, CVP103, CVP105, CVP107, CVP109, CVP201, CVP202, CVP203, CVP204, CVP205, CVP206, CVP207, CVP208, CVP209, CVP210, CVP600, CVP700, CVP900 / CVP-50, CVP-55, CVP-59, CVP-60, CVP-65, CVP-69, CVP-70, CVP-75, CVP-79, CVP-83, CVP-85, CVP-87, CVP-89, CVP-92, CVP-94, CVP-96, CVP-98, CVP-103, CVP-105, CVP-107, CVP-109, CVP-201, CVP-202, CVP-203, CVP-204, CVP-205, CVP-206, CVP-207, CVP-208, CVP-209, CVP-210, CVP-600, CVP-700, CVP-900
Peter H., Germany – Yamaha Clavinova CVP-55
Absolutely great product and excellent service and support! I purchased the USB floppy emulator N-Drive 1000 for our ca. 20 year old Clavinova CVP-55 which is in excellent shape, except for a broken floppy drive at the time. The N-Drive arrived shortly after ordering and without any problems (like customs issues, etc.). Installing it was pretty easy and took probably 30 minutes. Could have been faster but I hadn’t done that before and was extremely careful not to break anything.


After installation, the N-Drive worked in general, but with certain issues when switching between virtual floppies, sometimes even requiring to power the Clavinova off and on again. Now, Nalbantov’s great support kicked in! Their customer service – Thanks so much, Stoyn! – provided me with easy-to-download updates regarding firmware and configuration of the N-Drive as well as clear instruction on how to apply them using the flash drive (USB stick). After two or three attempts, we were successful. Turned out it was a configuration issue related to the proprietary Clavinova CVP-55 system. Since then, it works perfectly!


But not only that the N-Drive works fantastic: we have 3 very old floppy disks which we really wanted to keep using with the N-Drive. However, even with the right software and an own PC-USB floppy drive I wasn’t able to access and convert the floppies into virtual disks myself. So, I sent them to Nalbantov Electronics and they were able to provide me with the converted images the next business day after they received the physical floppy disks. Can you imagine? About 20 year old, pretty much ancient floppy disks, still readable, and now we can use them in the Clavinova via N-Drive like on day one! And – aside from logistics cost for the package – this service didn’t cost a single Cent!


So, I can only recommend Nalbantov Electronics. It’s a great company with excellent products, very fair business conduct as well as highly qualified and very engaged staff. And their promise not to stop until the customer is happy couldn’t be more true!
Robert C. – Yamaha Clavinova
If you own a Yamaha Clavinova and purchased 3.5” disks from Music Soft, you probably discovered that most of the disks work fine with an ordinary external disk drive attached via USB to newer models of Clavinovas, which no longer have built in drives. I say most because none of the Disk Orchestra Collection (DOC) disks can be read on any drive other than the ones built in to the very early models. I spent $100s on this series of disks and books only to now find them useless. I searched the applicable forums, posted messages, and searched the internet to see if anyone has been able to save the data on these disks but to no avail until I discovered Nalbantov Electronics Ltd. Nalbantov Electronics | Simple solution for better sound (n-electronics.com)


One of their products is a floppy disk drive emulator, which did not appear to solve my problem, but I contacted them anyway. They were very confident that if I provided them the disks (17 in all) that they could capture the data to a USB drive that would work exactly as the original disks. And they did!!!


As far as I am concerned, they performed a “miracle” and now the $100s of dollars I spent on these disks is no longer wasted.


Beyond their obvious technical ability, their customer service is the best I have encountered in years, even during the pandemic. They responded to every email within one day and kept me informed of their progress along the way. I would rate their service with “5 Stars” out of a four-star rating!!!!
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