N-Drive for Ensoniq

N-Drive USB floppy emulator supports Ensoniq’s legendary highly professional music products. This includes all their samplers / synthesizers / sequencers and also Music Workstations that have a floppy drive. N-Drive works great on Ensoniq ASR-10 / R, Ensoniq ASR-88, Ensoniq EPS (also M, 16 plus, rack), Ensoniq Mirage, Ensoniq MR-61, Ensoniq MR-76, Ensoniq ZR-76, Ensoniq SD1, Ensoniq SQ-80, Ensoniq VFX-SD

New Life and Stability for Vintage Musical Instruments

By Michael L. Kuk

Like most musicians, I appreciate what I grew up with, and I still have a few treasured musical instruments that I will never part with. Unfortunately, there are several of my older units that have become unstable over the years, and cannot be trusted to perform at 100% capacity without a glitch or two presenting itself. And if one is doing a live show, then we depend upon luck and a prayer that all will be alright, and the performance is successful.

Some of my instruments depend upon their operation with floppy disk drive technology. It’s been a strong medium since its development for the storage of sounds and sequencing. The disk drive has been an advantage for me, in particular regarding my performance as a solo act.

The down side here is that these floppy disks are wearing out, and this medium is no longer being produced. So, hundreds of hours of work can be lost, if a floppy disk becomes corrupted.

I was most fortunate to discover a company that has addressed this problem and they have developed a solution that restores the vintage approach to the floppy disk using 21st Century technology.

Nalbantov Electronics and their professional staff have worked to ensure that the floppy disk data can be safely transferred and used via the modern USB or “Thumb Drive”. And best of all, preserved in a safe and stable format for many years of dependable operation.

These units are called “Emulators” and they can be easily installed in vintage instruments that use the older floppy disk technology. The team at Nalbantov Electronics have given new life to old equipment with their excellent product.

Not only have they developed and tested a workable product, but their support team is beyond reproach. All of my discussions with their staff regarding installation guidance and operational suggestions has been very positive and professional. I am well pleased. And, my musical performances are now rock solid in the reproduction of my sounds and intense sequencing.

Do not hesitate to obtain and install a piece of compatible hardware for your vintage musical gear from Nalbantov Electronics, and breathe new life into your favorite treasures from the past.

My money has been well invested!

Michael L. Kuk, PhD.

Fire Chief Emeritus

United States Army

Master Musician & Cathedral Organist

Lifetime Member-American Federation of Musicians

Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame Inductee

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