Replace your old floppy disk drive with fast, easy to use and reliable USB floppy emulator

Almost half a century, floppies have been used in various fields of life. Floppy disks found application everywhere – the first personal computers, various electronic devices and a huge range of musical instruments. All they use floppy disks to store and transfer information.
Many of these musical devices are more durable than the musical devices, produced in our days and they are still working. It is complicated or even impossible to use the device without working floppy drive.
Unfortunately, the biggest problem is that the floppy drives are difficult to find, because they are not produced anymore.
With our emulators, you can breathe new life into your favorite musical instrument.
Nalbantov USB Floppy Emulator N-Drive can be installed on almost any musical equipment, manufactured with a floppy drive.
We offer several types of emulators for musical equipment:
N-Drive 100 is a basic model floppy emulator. It has all the features you need to replace your floppy disk drive. Instead of floppy disks you can use a flash drive. You can store up to 100 floppy disks in a single USB flash drive. This emulator version has limited support for Mac OS. Below you can find our new emulator models which support this operating system.
N-Drive 1000 is a floppy emulator which increases 10 times the ability to store information in one flash drive. You can store up to 1000 floppy disks in a single USB flash drive! An additional benefit is that it is able to support not only PC but also MAC.
N-Drive eXtreme is a floppy emulator with much more convenient graphical display, that lists names. This way you will see the names of your favorite floppies, written on the emulator screen. In addition, the N-Drive eXtreme is equipped with a rotary selector to help you select the right content faster. It also supports PC and MAC.
Some devices are manufactured with thinner floppy disk drives. For these purposes, we have developed the N-Drive Slim floppy emulator. It has the same features as the N-Drive 100/1000, but it is much thinner to fit like a glove.

Yamaha Disklavier floppy emulator
Yamaha Disklavier floppy emulator
Yamaha Disklavier floppy emulator
Yamaha Disklavier floppy emulator
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