Floppy Drive Jumper Settings

N-Drive has to be configured depending on the settings of your old floppy drive. There are floppy drives which do not have configured options and in this case it is fully enough to know only the brand and the model of the floppy.

Some floppy drives have configured options. By using these options you can set different signals to the floppy. That way the equipment manufacturer is able to choose how to configure a floppy for the proper purpose. These adjustments are made by moving miniature switches, called jumpers (in some floppies like Sony and Panasonic – using switches). These options are based at different locations on the board of the floppy and they depend on the brand and the model of it.

In most cases it is only enough to locate and provide a picture of these adjustments and we will configure N-Drive floppy emulator to be compatible with your unit.


3.5″/ 5.25″ floppy drives that has jumpers / switches

Teac FD-135, Teac FD-235HF-C929, Teac FD-235HF-C940, Teac FD-235HF-C991, Teac FD235HF-4473, Teac FD235HF-6573, Teac FD235J-5636, Teac FD-235HF-3201, Teac FD-235HF-3217, Teac FD-235HF-3240, Teac FD-235HF-3291, Teac FD-235HF-3100, Teac FD-235HF-3112, Teac, FD-235HF-3405, FD-235F-4112, FD-235F-4405, FD-235HF-4201, FD-235HF-4217, FD-235HF-4240, FD-235HF-4291, FD-235HF-52 xx, FD-235HF-54 xx, FD-235HF-62 xx, FD-235HF-64 xx, FD-235HF-65 xx, FD-235HF-75 xx

Panasonic JU-253, Panasonic JU-253A, Panasonic JU-257A, Panasonic JU-257, Panasonic JU-475

Epson SMD1040, Epson SMD 1340P, Epson SD-680L, Epson SMD-300, Epson SMD-340

Sony MPF 420, Sony MPF520, Sony MPF920-3, Sony MP-F17W, Sony MP-F40W

Mitsumi D359T3, Mitsumi D359C, Mitsumi D359T5, Mitsumi D509V

Mitsubishi MF353, Mitsubishi MF355F, Mitsubishi MF-355C,

Toshiba ND-0801, Toshiba ND-356T, Toshiba ND-3561


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