Troubleshooting Guide N-Drive 100/1000/eXtreme – FE4 & FE5


Note: from the gear icon at the bottom of the video put the video to higher quality then to full screen – that way you will be able to see the process better. Also you can turn on subtitles by clicking the CC icon at the bottom of the video. The language can be adjusted by clicking the gear icon. Then click on Subtitles/CC. Right after that click on Auto-translate and choose your language. 

When the emulator is connected properly, with the USB flash drive inserted, the emulator should display:
00-99 / 000-999 / DSKA0000-DSKA0099

Incorrectly attached data cable 

One of the most common mistakes is when you try to connect the data cable.

Shifted data cable

The cable can be shifted while connecting. This can be seen in Figures 1 and 2. And Figure 3 shows a properly connected cable.

Upside down connected data cable

If the data connector is attached upside down, the emulator display will show “ib”. / “rib”. / “Floppy ri” for a few seconds, during power on. If this is your case, please turn off your equipment and rotate the data connector upside down.

Power issues

The N-Drive is powered through the power connector and it needs 5V for power supply. If the N-Drive is not powered the display either does not light up or flashes rapidly.

In some situations, it is necessary to use an external power supply to the emulator. These are cases where an industrial equipment have been used for many years and some of the parameters of the power supply are not like the new ones. The emulator is a low voltage equipment that is sensitive to such strong interference as noisy energy environments and harmonic frequencies. This not only will interfere the proper operation of the emulator but also damage it. In such cases, it is recommended to use an external power supply.

Boot up issues

Some equipment requires a Boot Disk (OS Disk) to work properly. To use the emulator, you need to transfer your boot floppy disk and convert it into a virtual disk. For some of the equipment we are including boot virtual disk in the USB flash drive provided. We also offer a service for transfering floppy disks. For more information, please click HERE.

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