N-Drive eXtreme emulator for Emu

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N-Drive eXtreme USB floppy disk drive emulator for Emu Emax SE (or rack) + OS, Emax I or rack + OS Emu Emax 1, Emax II or rack +OS Emu Emax 2, Emulator II + OS Emu Emulator 2, Emulator III + OS Emu Emulator 3, ESI32, ESI2000, ESI4000, E4, E6400 and Ultra, SP1200 / Emu Emax-SE (or rack) + OS, Emax-I or rack + OS Emu Emax-1, Emax-II or rack +OS Emu Emax-2, Emulator-II + OS Emu Emulator-2, Emulator-III + OS Emu Emulator-3, ESI-32, ESI-2000, ESI-4000, E-4, E-6400 and Ultra, SP-1200
Keywords: Nalbantov,Organ,Keyboard,Sampler,Grand Piano,Synthesizer,Synth


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Emulator II + cable + 5.25" bay, SP1200, E4 and XT, E5000, E6400 or Ultra, Emax I or rack + OS (E-mu Emax 1), Emax II or rack + OS (E-mu Emax 2), Emax SE (or rack) + OS E-mu, Emulator III + OS Emu Emulator 3, ESI2000, ESI32, ESI4000 and Ultra

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