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N-Drive can be installed on almost any equipment, manufactured with a floppy drive. N-Drive USB floppy emulator has all the features you need to replace your old floppy disk drive. Instead of floppies, you can use a USB stick. N-Drive floppy emulator will perfectly replace almost all existing 3.5″, 5.25″ or Slim floppy drive. N-Drive USB emulator has the same size and connectors. It imitates the work of a normal floppy drive using the floppy interface inside your equipment. That way you can easily replace your old floppy drive without any additional changes.

Nalbantov Electronics manifacture over 600 types of USB floppy drive emulators for home and industrial use. Depending on your equipment, the settings of the emulator may vary: hardware, firmware, software, connection type, emulator jumper and settings.

Every N-Drive USB floppy emulator is sold with all necessary components, so you can install it to your equipment and have it work immediately. The Package includes: N-Drive floppy emulator, configured for your equipment; USB flash memory, formatted and configured with virtual floppies; software with PC (Windows) and Apple (MAC OS) support; assembly components. The optional components depending on your equipment are: suitable connectors; suitable ribbon cables; operating system; boot disk; specific virtual image files and more.

For industrial purposes, we produce N-Drive Industrial USB floppy emulators. They support huge list of industrial CNC machines and controllers. N-Drive Industrial floppy emulators are used 24/7 in harsh industrial environments all over the world from many years without failures.

For home use, we produce N-Drive 100, N-Drive 1000 and N-Drive eXtreme floppy emulators.

N-Drive 100 is a basic model floppy emulator. It has all the features you need to replace your floppy disk drive. Instead of floppy disks, you can use a flash drive. You can store up to 100 floppy disks in a single USB flash drive.

N-Drive 1000 floppy emulator increases 10 times the ability to store information in one flash drive. You can store up to 1000 floppy disks in a single USB flash drive! An additional benefit is that it is able to support not only PC but also MAC.

N-Drive eXtreme is a floppy emulator with much more convenient graphical OLED display, that lists names. This way you will see the names of your favorite floppies, written on the emulator screen. In addition, the N-Drive eXtreme is equipped with a rotary selector to help you select the right content faster. It also supports PC and MAC.

Some devices are manufactured with thinner floppy disk drives. For these purposes, we have developed the N-Drive Slim floppy emulator. It has the same features as the N-Drive 1000, but it is much thinner to fit like a glove.

You can use the search bar on top to find the right emulator for your equipment. If you are unable to find your equipment, please fill in Check Compatibility form.

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