Floppy Disk Transferring Service


If you have problem with transferring your floppy disks or you do not have the needed equipment, we can offer our floppy disk transferring service. The regular price is 15.00 USD per floppy disk (excluding shipping charges). For larger quantities discount will be applied automatically.

The shipping charges to our factory are not included in the mentioned listing. The shipping, that will be applied when the item is in the cart, is for returning the floppy disks back to you.

Keep in mind that we are collecting fees even if the disk is corrupted. This is because we try several times to read it and the procedure is much more difficult.

The good news is that we have never had a damaged disk during the shipping process. We receive disks often. Keep in mind that these disks have been already traveled once to reach your destination.

For larger quantities discount will be applied automatically.

A USB flash drive is not included with this service – files will be send back via email. If you need another USB flash drive for backup, you can check HERE.

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